Saturday, September 25, 2004


Saturday, August 02, 2003

Randomly, I really want a Tablet someday -.- Those things must be so useful, and don't waste paper at all!! And eraser junk is non-exsistant!

Woot, technology.

Wanted to share, did a Muraki/Hisoka fanart.

Thursday, July 17, 2003

About Get Backers -

Me: And my conclusion of the Infinite Castle? It's a big game of the Sims. Yes, and the Babylon Tower people are just playing.
Becky: ..... *starts laughing*
Becky: ..........that is... I'm dying from giggling so hard now.
Me: :D :D
Me: Someone should make the Infinite Castle into a Sim house or something, and with the skins, you have your own little arc.
Becky: I'm just... picturing that. XD
Becky: All of them sitting around watching their players light things on fire and do crack-headed couples.
Me: Yes! Hacking into the system to allow for slash.
Me: TK added that people would bicker on whether they wanted Ginji with Ban, or with scary Akabane.

Sunday, July 13, 2003

New layout new layout! *pokes* If it shows up? Testing.

Thursday, July 03, 2003

Just finished watching ep 25 of Get Backers (end of the Infinite Castle arc) and... and.... I just cried through out the first half of the episode. Why? Makubex. I won't give any spoilers for those who haven't seen, but God, if it was anybody else on any show I know I'd hate the genius brat and his stupidity. But I love Makubex. I HURT for the boy. To see what he used to be like, an adorable happy guy, and then his dark lonely angst... I just want everyone to give him a hug. And I was so happy for the end, geez, could it have gotten any happier? (Ban-chan would think so, probably...)

I love these characters. *shine*

Saturday, June 28, 2003

Woooo, have I neglected you, my poor poor blog! I've been busy elsewhere, comic, ficcing, and also my new website with my random art and fanfic junk! :D Yay! Here it is:

Strange Birds

Wednesday, June 25, 2003

*taps blog* It's not showing the last two posts until much later.

Quote of the day: "Manga obsession is expensive." - TK
T.T So true. (And I don't have too much time! I just stay up really late~!)

Fox, really? That makes my day :3 And yes, new YnM chapter scanslated at Sakura-crisis! Evil Tsuzuki is one of the best things out there. And then evil to Hisoka, no less... o.o;

Glad all the info on Enma-Dai-Oh helped, Kira ;) And, yeah - Subaru may be kind, caring, but he's no wimp. If something happens that he believes is wrong, he gets angry - and then he's going to try and change it. He isn't an angel, so to speak - if you saw a blind man being picked upon, would you feel angry too? Wouldn't you want to stop it? (Hmm, I do see Subaru has a few anger-management issues, but not too far beyond what an average person might feel and do.)

And with X, I think CLAMP did plan out the manga far ahead of time. With a plotline like their's, and then the number of tarot cards they use... Also, it's not just that one scene. You can look at other various scenes in X and compare them to each other, and see the detailing and work they put into the scene, foreshadowing too. (TK! I neeed to borrow your X manga one day and make the scans) *laughs* But I like the thouht of Clamp going "We're SO COOL!"

And that you, Sarah, for all that added information! I didn't even THINK about looking into the Gushoshin. Thanks!

Ack! Have not posted in days.

Finished the second one-shot for the YnM "The Things We See" series. It takes place in Kyoto, Japan, 1947. I think it might be a little depressing, compared to the first chapter.

As for Clipped Wings, it's going on hiatus for the next two weeks, just until finals are over. Gomen nasa~~i! >.<

Thanksgiving was a blast. Too many people on my mom's side, in my opinion, and a distant cousin and I barricaded ourselves in my room half-way through and just watched Fruits Basket. The is something about this series that leave me feeling very contented and happy and calm after watching.

And the author Merrow (?) wrote such a wonderful Kyo/Tohru/Yuki fic on FF.N called "Discoveries" (not explicit, mind you.) - I love how she balanced the characters to reflect how it is in the manga/anime. It's unfinished, but with 14 chapters so far and some really long chapters, it's a great read.

For those few people looking, you can find the Fruits Basket piano sheet music of Serenade right here.

Well, finally wrote a new YnM onshot. Called The Things We See, about how ordinary people view the Shinigami - in specific for this one, Tsuzuki. But, if I can think of more stuff, I'll have a few with the others. :)

Monday, June 09, 2003

XD Apparently, in the "Tsubasa - Reservoir Chronicle" Sorata and Arashi have appeared in Chapter 3, and are husband and wife. Aww~ scans and summaries can be found here.

Saturday, June 07, 2003

Maaa... well, after many eps of getting used to the characters, more character-centered fun starts!

Re: ep 52 of Prince of Tennis aka Trouble in Paradise?
Nooooo, Eiji, Oishi, don't fight, kiss and make up! ToT Make it all better! Yatta! *weep* Eiji being Eiji, Oishi snapping and hitting him, but instantly sorry and trying to make amends, then Eiji being mad. Wah.
On the other hand, thought it was sweet of Ryoma to be looking out at Momo-chan from the school roof, after Momo-chan hadn't come to practice since losing his Regulars spot.

Other fun: The fangirls swarming and asking Oishi-senpai for autographs after he drops by the class to check for Momo-chan. Blush!

Kaidoh sightings: 3

Oh, if I was talking to you earlier and suddenly disappeared from AIM, that's because the flu meds were kicking in and I had to quickly pass out on the bed. Sorry folks.

Tuesday, June 03, 2003

Just watched the first episode of Ragnarok Detective Loki. Mayura, the lead female, finds a laughing, talking, possessed evil little doll. Whyy? Whyyy? ;.; That thing was SCARY AS HELL. This little blond, wide-eyed toy that giggles innocently - but in that demonically innocent way. *cries* Wow. This is a good show, and Miki Shin'ichirou (Tsuzuki!) as the dorky butler-ish guy named Yamino is a wonderful plus. The detective Loki is a very mature kid, acts way too old for his age, but is still adorable when Mayura pats his head. The art with their characters and atmosphere is great, and like Becky said, the style is kind of a strange crossbreed between Fruits Basket and Yami no Matsuei. Also? The ending theme reminds me so much of the James Bond theme. XD

Layout Notes:

Hey look, it's a new layout. Did work! Am shocked.
Instead of another Yami no Matsuei layout, this time it's another angsty green-eyed bishounen - the ever tragic Sumeragi Subaru. This image of him was based on this page of Tokyo Babylon (book 7, thanks to Becky for the scan!!). Recently my interest in TB/X has been rediscovered, hence the snuggle-licious Subaru-kun.
The song is "Cavanaugh Park" by Something Corporate, which I thought fit.

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